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ALIC-1(Electric Discharge Machining Device)

Functions and Features

This device can accomplish functions as an E.D.M.

Extra Applications of Optional Accessories

The basic E.DM. devic-ALIC-1 can be held on to spindle which processes a collet chuck
direct. By means of Z and X. Y Axis of machine tool itself, this device will become an E.D.M. Also a wide range of extra applicatuons can be done by adopting optional accessories.

Parallel Magnetic Base

If the machine tool itself possesses no spindle equopped with collet chuck, for examples, grinding machines, or the collet chuck, for examples, grinding machines, or the original E.DM. adds to one extra workhead and becomes two sets E.D.M. then one PARALLEL MAGNETIC BASE will be considered to adopt.
Fluid Returnable Plate

In case the machine tool itself has been equipped with no fluid returnable work table, for example, the radial drill machine than the FLUID RETURNABLE PLATE can be chosen to add to the original work table for the sake of EDMing operation.
Portable Magnetic Base

In case the work piece is very big, and can not be mahined by conventional E.D.M., then additional PORTABLE MAGNETIC BASE can be adopted to enable the E.D.M. device to place on the big size work piece which needs machining everywhere.
Three Axes Slide Assembly

Adopting the E.D.M. device on to a THREE AXES SLIDE ASSEMBLY and installed to a FLUID RETURNABLE PLATE and then, they are composed of a mini type E.D.M.. This is an excellent option for schools. If the full fluid is needed in machining, any kind shape of seal ring can be adopted to achieve this goal. In case there is a possibility of catching fire while machining, it is recommended that the full fluid is necessary to be applied.
Adjustable Electrode Holder

The ADJUSTABLE ELECTRODE HOLDER can be added for horizontal and angular adjustment of electrode.
Working Samples

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